Wedding sayings - What do they actually mean?

Wedding sayings - What do they actually mean?

Wedding jargon includes a lot of weird and wonderful phrases and sayings - but what do they actually mean? Let's have a look at some common phrases and discover what they are on about...

⭐ 'Carriages at Midnight' - Not just for Cinderella, this is just a polite way of saying please go home by midnight. This is helpful as it enables your guests to plan travel arrangements in advance.

⭐ 'R.S.V.P' - It is a French expression répondez s'il vous plait, meaning reply, if you please. This is a polite way of getting a response from your guests in good time, to help you plan and prepare for your big day.

⭐ ‘Regrets only’ - This is not saying to your guests that they aren’t first choice of attendees, but simply means that a RSVP reply is required if you can’t attend.

⭐ 'Wedding breakfast' - You do not have to have your wedding first thing in the morning. This refers to the first meal eaten together as a married couple.

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