The power of social media...

The power of social media...

If you’re anything like me, you could probably spend hours scrolling through social media 📱. When planning a wedding, there’s an enormous amount of information and inspiration out there. So where do you start 🤔?

First things first, find your style. There’s nothing wrong with looking through the many platforms to find things you like 😍. However, once you discover accounts, only follow these so they appear on your feed. If you follow too many it will become overwhelming!

You can search for specific things through the use of hashtags. For example, #ecowedding if you’re looking at sustainability ♻️. Using words around your chosen theme you’re sure to find lots of inspiration.

Pinterest is the perfect platform for creating a vision board to share with suppliers 📌. A word of caution though, with so much inspiration you may find it difficult to narrow it down, so be ruthless and consider your theme to maintain your style.

If you’re finding it all a bit too much, don’t be afraid to use the power of social media and get social! Ask opinions of your friends on social media if you get stuck – this cake or that 🍰, pink flowers or red, you get the idea!

If you’d like to get inspiration for your wedding stationery, why not check out our bespoke page if you’d like to discuss your ideas, get in touch!


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