Paper sizes, thicknesses and types

Paper sizes, thicknesses and types

Ready to order your stationery but unsure about paper sizes, thickness and types? Read on to find out all the info...

Paper Sizes
Ultimately the size of your stationery is up to you but I suggest:
  • Save the dates at A6 size or square 148x148mm.

  • Day and Evening invites at a larger size of A5 or square 148x148mm.

  • Info cards at A6 or A5 if you have a lot of info.

  • RSVPs at A7 or 105x105mm.

  • Menus at DL size.

Here is an image to show you how the different sizes compare:

Paper Thickness

Paper comes in thickness which are basically very confusing as they are called things like 300gsm which to most people doesn't mean a thing.

The best way for me to explain the thickness is this way:

  • Your paper in your home printer is 80gsm

  • The paper we use is more like card and is between 250 (0.3mm thick) - 700gsm (about 2mm thick).

Paper Types

We use a range of papers and finishes for the printing.

For hot foil print and letterpress:

We use the following papers and also Colourplan which is available up to 700gsm. 400/500gsm is our standard.

For digital print and hot foil/letterpress mixed with digital print:

Uncoated paper: We use 350gsm and has a soft finish and tactile quality. It's more absorbent than silk paper, so the colours look lovely on it and it has a lovely soft feel to it.

Laid textured paper: A deluxe 300gsm paper with a fine-lined texture on both sides so beautiful looking prints.

Nettuno textured paper: Crisp and clean with fine-lined markings this 280gsm paper has lines which are more condensed than our Laid paper.

Rives Shetland textured paper: Rives Shetland is a cool white 250gsm paper with a delightfully unusual texture running across its surface, like the weave of a fine fabric. It is one of our more subtle textured papers which feels lovely.

Vellum translucent paper: Vellum paper is 150gsm adds a different dimension to printed artwork, offering a translucent finish, with an effortless, airy simplicity. Ideal when paired with additional paper layers, it’s a favourite choice for romantic Wedding Stationery and luxury Invites.

Gold Shimmer: This bright ice white paper is infused with pleasing tones of pale gold. It is a coated 300gsm paper, so printed inks stand out and colours take on a shimmery hue. A beautiful paper which adds a subtle sparkle to your stationery.

Cream paper: The perfect choice for when white is not enough, but gold is too much. Our cream paper is 400gsm and comes uncoated with a premium feel to print. Ink is absorbed into the paper to give a flatter, softer look.

Tintoretto Gesso: The 'hammered' textured of Tintoretto is a fine Italian paper that's perfect for wedding invitations. This 300gsm paper gives your print a luxury feel.

If you have any questions or want to talk though your paper size and options feel free to contact me here or order a sample pack so you can really get a feel for the papers. 

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