Illustrated Wedding Venues - Style Tips & How I Illustrate

Illustrated Wedding Venues - Style Tips & How I Illustrate

You've booked the venue of your dreams and now you want to showcase it on your stationery, but how do you want it to appear?

I specialise in creating detailed liner drawings of wedding venues, which can be either foil printed, digitally printed, or a mix of both. They have a modern clean look to them. If this is the style you're after I'm your stationer!



Many of my clients often choose to have the venue illustration foiled on their invitations and then digitally printed on items like menus or daytime signage.




To begin, I gather photos of your venue online and confirm the angle and viewpoint with you before starting the drawing process. Using my iPad, I create a vectorised file of the venue, allowing it to be resized and adapted for foil printing or digital printing in any colour.

How I choose the right image for me to illustrate from:

1. I try and use an image which is front on, not an aerial shot. Why? Aerial shots generally just look a bit weird illustrated and you miss all that gorgeous detailing thats on the front of the building. You want to show off the venue as your guests will see it as they arrive (and let's face it not many will be arriving by helicopter haha).

2. A high res image so I can see all the details. If it's blurry I'm not going to be able to see the stone work, which flowers are in front and any sculpturing. 

3. One that doesn't have any obstructions. As lovely as some of the online shots are of other couples in front of the venue I won't be able to see what's behind them.

Like all my designs, you'll have the opportunity to provide design ideas and two rounds of revisions to ensure everything is perfect. Whether you want to add a little flag or change the flowers in the garden, I can make it happen.

From princess castles, to boho marquees, chic châteaus or English mansion your venues will look stunning illustrated and placed on your invites or save the dates. 

For some inspiration visit our venue illustrations page here or message me for quotes and to chat through your ideas here



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