Hello Yellow: Wedding Colour Ideas

Hello Yellow: Wedding Colour Ideas

Yellow is often associated with Spring and Summer, but is steadily becoming a more popular choice of colour for weddings 💛. Often representing happiness and energy, it's not difficult to see why! Available in many different shades, the brighter shades represent the sunshine of summer, cheerfulness, and wisdom. Lighter, pastel shades mean warmth, hope, and spring. No matter what shade you choose, this colour will definitely grab attention 🤩

If you are still undecided, here are some reasons for using yellow in your wedding:

Feeling fresh 🌱
With new life in the spring, its perfect to represent YOUR new life as a married couple! Pastel shades such as lemon, canary, or banana can add a subtle pop of colour and are refreshing after the winter.

Yellow drink toppers
Feeling fresh


Feeling sunny ☀️
With Summer comes bright and vibrant colours. Pick a shade of yellow that rivals the sun if summer vibes are your dream!

Place cards Drink labels

Feeling floral 💐

There are so many flowers available in yellow! Sunflowers fit pretty much every season and wedding theme while making a strong statement with their size and shape. Pale yellow flowers could make an appearance in your bouquets and arrangements along with daffodils, carnations, daisies, sunflowers, or roses.

Feeling floral

And if yellow just doesn't work for you, there's always gold for adding warmth to any colour scheme ✨

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